Queen Anya Shchulepnikov | email

King Abran de la Barra | email


Kingdom Seneschal
Maistir Cian Mac Cellachain Ui Dubhlaich | email

Emergency Deputy
Duchess Marie Simone de Barjavel 'la fildena | email

Kingdom Calendar Deputy
Lady Caisséne Ingen Fháeláin | email

Vice-Chancellor of the Pages Academy
Lady Rebbah Thamira haSopheret | email

Kingdom Training Deputy
Dame Morwenna Trevethan | email

Regional Deputy - MD and DC
Baroness Avice Claremond | email

Regional Deputy - NC
Master Andreas de Caunteton | email

Regional Deputy -SC and GA
Dame Morwenna Trevethan | email

Regional Deputy - VA
Tiarna Lughaidh Ó Murchadha | email

Clerk of Law
Mistress Jorunn nic Lochlainn | email

Kingdom Event Coordinator
Baroness Sarra de Vicenza | email

Waiver Secretary
Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin | email

Chancellor of Family and Youth Programs
Lady Katherine of the Doves | email

Special Projects Deputy
Mistress Belphoebe de Givet | email

Social Media
Bantiarna (Lady) Meadhbh inghean Thaidgh ui Dohmnaill | email

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Thegn Brenainn MacShuibne | email


Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lady Fjorleif in Ruada | email

Emergency Deputy
THL Adair of Makyswell | email

MD Regional
Noble Lucina of Southampton | email

Eastern NC Regional
Lord Fedor Turovsyn | email

Southern Regional (SC,GA)
Lord Arailt of Dinsmoor | email

VA Regional
Lady Fjorleif in Rauda | email

Deputy for Non-Member Registration
Lady Brynhilder Grimkellsdottir | email

Duchess Lynette Semere | email

PayPal Deputy
THL Zafira bint Miriam | email

SCA-rs Deputy
Banbharun Briana Morgan of the Valley | email


Kingdom Chatelain
Lady Altani Bayar Vashir | email

Southern Regional
Lady Altani Bayar Vashir | email

Social Media Chatelain Deputy
Lord Ciaran Mac Breandain | email


Kingdom Earl Marshal
Master Gordon Kinloch | email

Emergency Deputy
Duke Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Training
Master Alric the Mad | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Armored Combat
Duke Cuan McDaige | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier
Magister Percival Aldridge | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery
Lord Miles de Locwode | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery
Lord Aeddan Ivor | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons
Master Kryss Kostarev | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege Weapons
Master Valgard av Mors | email

Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse
Sir Tnek the Ainissestor | email

Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Armored Combat
Baroness Helena de Berkeley | email


Kingdom Minister of the Lists
Lady Sara Van Eerde | email

Emergency Deputy
Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain | email

Training Deputy
Lady Damiana Morena | email

Regional Deputy - MD and DC
Baroness Lore Bubeck | email

Regional Deputy - NC
Lady Adeliza of Bristol | email

Regional Deputy - SC and GA
Lady Qulan Chaghan | email


Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
Baroness Sophia the Orange | email

Emergency Deputy
Master James of Middle Aston | email

University Chancellor
Ollamh Jeane Kilmeny | email

University Registrar
Mistress Elisabeth MacAlester | email

Southern Regional Deputy
Lady Ceara of Novgorod | email

Northern Regional Deputy
Lady Marta de Lyon | email

Competitions Deputy
Hagar the Black | email

Editor of The Oak
Lady Mariana Ruiz de Medina | email


Triton Principal Herald
Meisterin Gisela vom Kreuzbach | email

Golden Dolphin Herald - Submissions
Lord Ragnar Leifsson | email

Clerk of Precedence - OP
Mistress Alexandra Wright | email

Clerk Signet - Scrolls
Mistress Failenn Chu ingen ui Fhaelain | email


Kingdom Chronicler
Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis | email

Emergency Deputy
Baroness Asta Knarrarbringa | email

Release Deputy
Lady Rhiannon Morgaine | email

Web Deputy
Lady Rhiannon Morgaine | email

Atlantian Historian
Lord Stefan of Cambion | email


Kingdom Web Minister
Noble Owain Weale | email

Emergency Deputy
Lord Ciaran Mac Breandain | email

Special Projects Deputy
Baron Jonathas Reinisch | email

Special Deputy
Master Melchior zum grauen Wolf | email

Email Manager
Mistress Ealdthryth of Humberstone | email

Spike Admin
Baron Gabrell Fairecloughe | email