Event Steward for War of the Wings

Below are the expectations for the position of event steward for War of the Wings. We are looking for event stewards for War of the Wings 2023 and beyond. Resumes / Letters of Intent should be emailed to the the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Events Committee. (senecshal@atlantia.sca.org and kingdomevents@atlantia.sca.org).

ACCOUNTABILITY: The event steward will be the deputy of the Kingdom Seneschal’s office. They will be required to read all relevant policy and work with the kingdom seneschal.

SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: The event steward for War of the Wings (WoW) needs to have the organizational skills associated with project management. Experience running SCA or other organization’s events or multi-faceted modern projects will useful.

This event is not reinvented each year. They must be able to manage an event that is consistent with expectations based on the war’s prior editions while delivering a few new elements to keep it exciting.

They must be capable of fostering communication between department heads, site owners, kingdom leadership, and modern authorities through a year of planning and a week of event execution.

They must be able to work with a diverse staff, many of whom are already in place. They will coordinate, respect, and take council from and give council to a staff consisting of members both new and well-established in their departments and of all ranks from across the kingdom.

The event steward should have prior WoW staff experience, preferably in department leadership. Ideally, they will participate as deputy event steward in the WoW the year prior to leading the event.

Flexibility is important to the success for this event. The event steward must be able (or have staff able) to anticipate the logistics required by and prepare for attendance growth while being fiscally prepared for low attendance.

TIME COMMITMENT: In the year leading up to their WoW, the event steward should be prepared and able to commit 10 hours a week to the planning and 15-20 hours a week in the last six months leading to it.

They must be able to be on site from first walk through with the site owner before set up begins through last walk through with the site owner after event break down.

LAWS – MODERN & SOCIETY: They must be able to meet with local modern authorities, representing the SCA in a professional and reasonable way to ensure compliance with safety and legal requirements. Likewise, they must be aware of SCA policy and law as they apply to this event, its finances, and paperwork requirements including timely filing of completed and accurate event report with all associated documentation.

FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT: The discretionary budget for WoW runs into the thousands of dollars. It must be spent wisely and accounted for with proper documentation and following Society Exchequer policies and law as well as modern laws. The WoW event steward, working in concert with WoW department heads, other staff and kingdom leadership, must be well versed in the rules, follow them, and take all pains to ensure event funds are managed properly.