Event Information

(2023-04-20 - 2023-04-23 - Site opens at 12:00 PM & Closes at 12:00 PM)

This event is designed to develop the Kingdom of Atlantia"s Army. This is accomplished by inculcating Combat Archers as a vital entity to our tactics.

FightingTraining Objectives: Authorizations: Armored and Combat Archery Battle Formations/Battle Commands Force on Force activities- Fight thru and Conquer Scenario CoGs Alley -Combined Arms Drill Diverse - Matched Weapons Tourney Five Weapons Challenge to test your stamina. Two full days of activities in Myrtle Beach Coordinated talk thru and walk thru training from AC Gym to Field applications.

Breakfast will be offered Friday and Saturday morning $13.00 payable to FFA at point of purchase. Lunch will be lemonade and Sandwiches offered at field side. Different selections...make your own. Donations accepted. (Publix sandwich platters various meats) Friday Dinner will be Roasted Chicken, Carrots, Fruit and Bread Donations accepted Served inside Cafeteria chow hall style Saturday Dinner Roast Pork Shoulder Sweet pickle relish, Sweet potatoes Salad. Desert will be farm fresh cheese with wine reduction. Donations accepted. Served inside Cafeteria chow hall style.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given only if the event makes a profit. Exchequer must receive refund requests in writing no later than 7 days after the event. All refunds shall be paid by check from the Barony"s checking account. No refunds shall be issued until the event books have been closed.