Event Information

VIRTUAL EVENT: Hawkwood Holiday Special
(2020-12-12 - Site opens at 10 AM & Closes at 5 PM)

O come all ye SCAdians!

Come Yuletide Hawkwood shall be hosting it's very own Holiday Special. There shall be court! There shall be quaffing! There shall definitely be heartfelt songs sung by a fire! If you are interested in hosting a class or meetup during this event, please contact the Event Steward (Baroness Rhiannon) at Baroness@baronyofhawkwood.org. We will be taking a break in the afternoon for Their Majesties' court, and finishing before sunset. 

The current schedule for the day is as follows (A more detailed schedule with event descriptions and updated zoom links is available at event website):

10:00am-11:00am    Hawkwood Baronial Court

11:00-2:00               Classes/ Gatherings (Check website for most up to date info!)

2:00                         Virtual Royal Court: Navarre Court at the Royal Palace of Olite

After court has Adjourned:  Holiday Sing-Along/ Bardic!

Site:VIRTUAL: https://tinyurl.com/hawkwoodspecial/

Event Steward: (Lauren Smith-Mayberry), 26 Spring Street, Candler, NC 28715, Phone: (252) 635-0799, E-mail: baroness@baronyofhawkwood.org

Directions:                    VIRTUAL: https://tinyurl.com/hawkwoodspecial/