Event Information

Day of Love III
(2023-02-11 - Site opens at 12:30 PM & Closes at 9:30 PM)

This is an event to celebrate love between friends, partners, and on. There will be a feast and dancing! Pre-registration is required for feast. Check out the website for more details.

Website: https://day-of-love-iii.yolasite.com/?fbclid=IwAR1PWWlPycUByv6xvl9qg_i

Arts & Sciences:Do you show your love through word, brewing, actions? Love languages is the event and A&S theme. EZ-doc is minimum requirement for any A&S competition entry. Check out the website for details: https://day-of-love- iii.yolasite.com /?  And there will be dancing! fbclid=IwAR1PWWlPycUByv6 xvl9qg_iX1 gP9kcx9waazFy- nIyNwY4f5MlwE93RXcgY
Feast:Lord Hugh de Montlucon will be preparing feast. More information on feast can be found on the website: https://day-of-love- iii.yolasite.com /? fbclid=IwAR1PWWlPycUByv6 xvl9qg_iX1 gP9kcx9waazFy- nIyNwY4f5MlwE93RXcgY
Other:Accessibility: The event will be held indoors, in a modern building, with temperature control and easily accessible restrooms and water. Marked handicap parking is available in the front of the building. The front of the building is accessible to both wheelchairs and scooters.  Modern restrooms are available with one handicap accessible stall each. 

Adult Member Registration$15$15$0
Adult Non-Member Registration$20$15$0
Youth (5-17)$8$15$0
Child (0-4)$0$15$0

Pre-registration for both feast and the event ends Saturday, 4 February 2023.  Pre-registration is required for feast. No feast tickets will be available on the day of the event. 

Pre-registered event attendees shall receive a refund for both the site and feast registrations (as applicable) provided that the refund request is received at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event to either the Event Steward or the reservationist.

Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Marinus
Registration Notes:Maginifica Seraphina Delphino (Liz Hanes) 3405 Woodbaugh Drive Chesapeake, VA 23321 Seraphinadelphino@gmail.com 757- 694-1510
Site:Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 14800 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Site Restrictions:No pets.
Event Steward:Antoinette Argentina (Annette Ambrosio), 1737 Speedy Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23320, Phone: (714) 261-0314, E-mail: aambrosio63@gmail.com
Reservations:Seraphina Delphino (Liz Hanes), 3405 Woodbaugh Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23321, Phone: (757) 694-1510, E-mail: Seraphinadelphino@gmail.com

From Richmond: Take I-64 E towards Norfolk. Take exit 284-A to get on I-264 E. Take exit 20 (toward hospital) to US-58 (Laskin Road). Turn right onto Winwood Dr. Address is 1489 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Please note there is construction in front of the church and the Winwood Drive turn is the easiest way to get to parking.