Event Information

Roxbury, Milled!
(2023-09-30 - Site opens at 9 AM & Closes at 7 PM)
Roxbury Mill

The Shire of Roxbury Mill will be hosting the event Roxbury Milled! on September 30th, 2023. This harvest festival themed event will have a variety of unique “outdoor education” classes and activities, and two A&S competitions:
“All in a Day’s Work”
The SCA has a lot of incredible, beautiful, fancy garb, but for this competition, we challenge you to show us your field wear, your sailor’s garb, your washerwoman kit! Full outfits are encouraged, but any clothing item that would have been considered “workwear” can be entered. Bonus points for outfits with two or more pieces. Entries will be judged using the Atlantian standard A&S Rubric by a team of 3 judges.
“Harvest Festival Food”
September is harvest time for many crops (at least in this region). Share with us your harvest-time recipes from anywhere in the world. Please document your dish to a harvest time or harvest celebration from period. Entries will be judged using the Atlantian standard A&S rubric by a team of 3 judges.
Martial activities will include rapier and target archery.

Rapier schedule:

9AM: MOL Opens, Inspections and Authorizations Begin

9:30-10:00: Field Open for Warmups/Pickups

10:00-10:30: Blacksword Tourney 

10:30-11:45: Melee - Vikings v Villagers:

Vikings have come to raid the Mill at Roxbury. All the labors of the year, now harvested, are at risk. Villagers must protect their grain harvest lest it be carried away, leaving Roxbury to suffer a difficult winter with little food.

Raiders must capture bags of grain from the Villagers granary and carry it back to their longboats. Vikings must drop bags where they are killed. Villagers may not move bags. Vikings may retrieve bags from their fallen companions and continue transport to the longboats. 

Spears allowed. Marshals will balance number of spears per side. 

Teams have unlimited resurrection. 

Teams will play both roles twice. 

Each battle will last 10 minutes or until raiders capture all grain bags. 

12:00-13:00: Break for Lunch 

13:00-13:45: Academy Business (if Applicable)


13:00-13:45: Spear or C&T class/

13:45-14:15: Novice Tournament (NWAT 5 yrs or less; Blue Scarf equivalent or less)

14:15-15:30: Melee 2

15:30: Field Open for Pickups 

30 Minutes Prior to Court: Field closed 

We will again feature a Lunch feast for up to 100 people.

Harvest Lunch Feast Menu:

Meat Pies - Choice of Chicken or Mushroom

Salat of Lettuces and Herbs

Warm Carrots with Parsley

Harvest Grain Bread (with optional butter or vegan butter)

Apple Crisp

Dietary Notes: We are in the process of fine tuning recipes and finalizing ingredients. The complete ingredients list will be available shortly before the feast and will also be available on site the day of Milled!

DAIRY: The Harvest Lunch Feast does not contain dairy (although there are dairy optional items, e.g., butter).

GLUTEN: We will have meat pies and bread made with gluten-free flour available for those who pre-register for the feast before September 20 and email us (email addresses below) to request this alternative. Because of budgetary concerns, we can only make a limited number of items made with gluten free flour for those who request it, so please do not forget to both pre-register and email us. The other items are already free of any wheat flour.  

CROSS-CONTAMINATION: The entire feast is being made in the same kitchen and some cross contamination is likely. Please use good judgment when deciding whether this feast is suitable for you. 

QUESTIONS? Please email Lady Keylan of Roxbury Mill at ladykeylan@gmail.com  and Lady Lucy of Wigan at lucyofwigan@gmail.com. 

Website: https://roxburymill.atlantia.sca.org/roxbury-milled/

FightingRapier, tentative schedule includes Blacksword Tourney, Melee - Vikings v Villagers, Spear & C&T class, Novice Tournament (NWAT 5 yrs or less; Blue Scarf equivalent or less). Target archery run by Lord Torin of Ponte Alto as mentored by Lord Rónán mac Ímair and Noyon Naran Numuchi.
Arts & Sciences:Tentative schedule for A&S:
9-10am: Competition Drop-off!
10am: Fishing Class At the Lake w/ Christian of York & Lewin /// Fire Starting w/ Forestry Guild
11am: Hand-milling and Fire-cooking w/ Glaukos /// Wheat-weaving
11am: Dye Day with Kame!
12:30pm-1:30pm: lunch break
1:30pm: Tasting w/ Hamish
2pm: Fleece Processing w/ Faye & Ysabeau /// Forestry Plant ID Walk w/ Nicolo/Fergus /// Bardic Fyt with Ruaidhri
3pm: Morris Dance w/ Keylan
4pm - 4:30: Meet-and-greet with artisans of entries while picking up entries! (SNACKS)
Feast:A lunch feast for up to 100 people will be served. Menu, see above.
Other:Children"s activities will be held and gold key will be available for any newcomers!

Adult Member Registration$15.00$12.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$20.00$12.00$0.00
Youth (6-17)$10.00$0.00$0.00
Child (0-5)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA-MD, Inc., Shire of Roxbury Mill
Registration Notes: NEW: Preregistration now available on SCORES at https://sca.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/sca/event.jsp?event=612
Requests for refunds for pre-paid admission charges shall be sent to the Seneschal and/or Exchequer in writing via email within five (5) days of the end of the event.
Site:Lois Green/Sligo Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, 8711 Turkey Thicket Drive Montgomery Village, MD 20879
Site Restrictions:UPDATE: Wet site, dog-friendly! Please be aware that this site is an active apiary (has beehives with European honeybees) and that the driveway into the site is gravel.
Event Steward:Ailis inghean ui Bhriain (Erin Scimeca), 3830 White Oak Ct, Manchester, MD 21102, Phone: (443) 857-2849, E-mail: ailisingheanuibhriain@gmail.com
Reservations: Lady Jill of Roxbury Mill (Jill Goldsborough), 25119 Oak Dr, Damascus, MD 20872, Phone: () , E-mail: jgoldsbo@gmail.com

From Frederick and points north and west: Southbound 270, Rte. 27 exit (Father Hurley Blvd, Ridge Rd.) Turn left at top of ramp to head east towards Damascus. Cross Rt 355, turn right (south) on Brink Rd. At 3-way stop go straight, which puts you on Wightman Rd., which then becomes Snouffer School Rd. Turn left onto Turkey Thicket Road at the entrance to the Montgomery County Service Park. Follow the paved road to the parking garage, then jog right toward the gravel road, marked with the green wood signs with yellow letters for Lois Green- Sligo Chapter IWLA. Follow the wooden green and yellow signs on the gravel road to the Lois Green Sligo Creek Izaak Walton League of America Gate. Proceed to the pavilion parking lot and park to the right of the road. We are one mile back from Snouffer School Road. From 495, Washington Beltway, Northern Virginia: Head to northwest corner of the beltway, exiting onto 270 spur, heading northbound towards Frederick. Move to right into the local lanes. proceed to Shady Grove exit. Turn to right onto Shady Grove Road eastbound. Turn Left onto Muncaster Mill Rd., which becomes Snouffer School Rd. After passing the "T" intersection and traffic light at Centerway-- go past the MNC- PPC Lois Green Conservation Park Parking Lot on the right, take the 2nd immediate right onto Turkey Thicket Road. Follow directions from Turkey Thicket above. From Baltimore Beltway, Rt 70: Head west on Rt 70 towards Frederick. Exit onto southbound Rt. 27. Follow Rt 27 through Damascus. Turn left onto Brink Rd. Follow directions from Frederick