Event Information

Tourney of Silver Chalice
(2022-09-24 - Site opens at 8:00 AM & Closes at 10:00 PM)
Hidden Mountain

Tournament of Silver Chalice

24 September 2022

Are you a novice (less than 2 years) in a discipline, a beginner, or a new person in the SCA? Then this event and competition is for you! Could you be the one to win this year's Silver Chalice? Whether a novice, experienced, or just here to socialize after the long Plague - join us for this populace participation event. We have for you a low stress, come back from the plague, eat a feast together, and share your time & talents with like- minded people event.

Website: http://www.hiddenmountain.atlantia.sca.org/hidden-mountain-silver-chal

FightingNovice (Silver Chalice) & Experienced Heavy (Sir Hienrich), Novice (Silver Chalice) & Experienced Rapier (Baron Elphin), MOL (Lady Caissene)
Arts & Sciences:Novice Artisans (Silver Chalice), Experienced Artisans (Prize competition), and Populace Voted Artisan. The theme to be the Barony of Hidden Mountains’ Colors (Black &White) theme is preferred but not limited too. Also, a ½ Dirty Dozen competition of Largesse for the Baronage.
Feast:Cooked by Mistress Tegan based on a German document. (Capped at 72ppl) Get your reservations in early they are limited. Payment must be received to be put on the list.
Merchanting:All are welcomed at no additional charge. One so far, please contact Event Steward for Eric/List space.
Other:Youth: Youth Fighting (Baron Roibeard), Youth Activities Tent (Lady Katherine), & Youth A&S.                                       Classes: We have a space and teachers, please join us and learn a new skill. Details on Website.                                  Other: There is A LOT of populace participation needed for this event! Cast your Bead from site token for your favorite A&S vote. Come support and grant more lives to our gallant fighters. Children will have a chance to grant wishes. Please come, be part of the Gallery and participate.

Adult Member Registration$5.00$10.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$10.00$10.00$0.00
Youth (5-17)$3.00$10.00$0.00
Child (0-4)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Hidden Mountain
Registration Notes:SCArs is open or send check and information by September 14, 2022, to Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (E. L.Wimett), PO Box 522, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29448, Phone: (843) 209-1425, E-mail: silverdragon [at] charleston.net Refunds: see our website for details.
Site:Harleyville Community Center, 163 S. Railroad Avenue, Harleyville, SC 29448
Site Restrictions: No camping onsite. Day shades and pop-ups allowed. This is a Dry site. No open fires are permitted on site. Also, no smoking except in designated areas. No animals in the indoor areas. Please clean up after your pets or the owners will be asked to leave.
Event Steward:THL Constantia in der Lachun (Kelli Bausch), 9929 Winged Elm Street, Ladson, SC 29456, Phone: (425) 269-6558, E-mail: constantia2008[at]comcast.net
Reservations:Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (E. L.Wimett), P.O. Box 522, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29448, Phone: (843) 209-1425, E-mail: silverdragon[at]charleston.net

Please check the Site Map at Gate/Troll prior to setting up. Thank you for your cooperation. Take your best route to Exit 177 (SC-452) on I -26. Take the exit towards Harleyville and continue for about 1.3 miles until 453 intersects at a T junction with SC-178 (Main Street). Turn left and continue until you cross the railroad tracks after about a third of a mile. Immediately after the tracks turn right onto South Railroad Avenue. The Community Center will be at 163 on your left. There will be signage for the site and for parking.