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St Paddy's Day Blood Bath in July (2021-07-17) Ponte Alto


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Admission will be by PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY Send email to Registration email address below.

Great Fighters of Atlantia! Join us for Ponte Alto's St Paddy's Day Blood Bath - in July!   While Atlantia's foes tilt at rings, you have weathered the plague, growing soft on rude tales and mulled wine. Enough! Arise and shake off the rust of these past months. Sound the battle horn and muster again. Let all the banners of the north fly and fan our hearts to acts worthy of song. The Barony of Ponte Alto is proud to present a day that will be sure to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty fighter. This is event is a fighter's dream, featuring our usual bearpit tourney and as many pickups as you can stomach. As always, there will be water, pre-packaged salty snacks included in the price of admission.

Admission will be by PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.

You do not have to pay in advance, but you MUST pre-register.

Website: http://atlantia.sca.org/event/?event_id=3adada3c

FightingHeavy & Rapier, more information TBA.

Arts & Sciences:St. Paddy’s In July A&S: Hiberno Vs. Norse It is the late 8th Century on the shore of Ireland. Raiders from Scandinavia have been plaguing the coastline for several years now and have set their sights on one particular town. Lines are drawn and teams picked, as we fight out a Viking incursion here in Ponte Alto! Upon registration or arrival to the event, attendees will be asked to pick a side: Irish or Norse. For the day, each participant’s A&S contributions, bardic performances, or martial accolades will be counted and tallied for their team to see which side will be victorious! A&S: Both displays and competitions will be available. When dropping off your A&S or submitting online, please indicate which team you are participating with (Irish or Norse), and whether you would like to be considered for prizes or just display for the day. Each display will still count as a point towards your team’s success at the end of the day. Documentation is required but can be limited to an EZ Doc or documentation recipe card (both will be available the day of). Prizes will be given for best in each category, Irish or Norse, as well as best in show. The winner of best in show will earn an extra point for their team. For those that wish to make use of it, there will be an online submission form available ahead of time! Bardic: There will be a bardic circle! Come perform your best limerick or Norse poem and by popular vote we will declare a victor. Each participant will also earn a point for their team. Please note that this is a family friendly event and adjust your works accordingly!

Feast:Salty (prepackaged) snacks included with registration, for more information see the website above.  Participants must bring their own drinking vessels and food.

Merchanting:No Merchants.

Other:ALL STATE AND FEDERAL COVID19 mandates and restrictions will be enforced or you will be asked to leave the event without the possibility of refund.




Adult Member Registration$10
Adult Non-Member Registration$15
Youth (-)
Child (0-)

Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Ponte Alto

Registration Notes:Admission will be by PRE- REGISTRATION ONLY. You do not have to pay in advance, but you MUST pre-register in advance.

Site:Nottoway Park, 9537 Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA, 22181

Site Restrictions:NO ALCOHOL. This is a state park and there is no alcohol permitted. ALL STATE AND FEDERAL COVID19 mandates and restrictions will be enforced or you will be asked to leave the event without the possibility of refund. Site is dry. Pets are permitted on leashes.

The Barony of Ponte Alto is following all Society and Kingdom guidelines (http://atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/reopening-atlantia).

FCPA is following current Virginia COVID-19 guidelines (https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/).

For general information on COVID-19, please see the CDC web site (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html).

For information on Governor Northam’s executive actions related to COVID-19 click here (https://www.governor.virginia.gov/executive-actions/ ).

Autocrat:Adina von der Heide (L Cicirelli), 4214 Maylock Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033, Phone: (571) 249-1250, E-mail: BB2021Autocrat@PonteAlto.Atlantia.SCA.org

Reservations: Email your Mundane and SCAdian name to: BB2021Reservationist@PonteAlto.Atlantia.SCA.org


Take your best route to I-66, West of 495 to the Nutley Street exit (Vienna Metro Station). Follow signs to Vienna. Go through three lights and turn left onto Courthouse Road. The park entrance will be about a half mile up on your left.