Event Information

Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
(2023-09-01 - 2023-09-04 - Site opens at 5:00 PM & Closes at 12:00 PM)
Sacred Stone

Come and support your favorite Sacred Stone canton! Two days of fun, games, and fighting in support of whatever canton you decide to represent. Whichever canton gets the most points at the end of the weekend will be the reigning champion for the next year. There will also be gambling and drinks after hours in Vingolf for adults. Feast is a clash of various Asian delicacies prepared by Master Otto that you don"t want to miss!

Website: https://sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org/ssbb2023/

FightingSyr Garan Halftrellson will be in charge of all marshal activities. Please get in touch with him for anything marshal related. Sir Marc d"Aubigny will be presenting one of his handmade swords for one of the heavy competitions this year!
Arts & Sciences:THL Fyen van Amsterdam will update on all things A&S. There will be a largess competition based on the amount you can produce! Please contact her with any questions at chronicler@sacredstone.atlantia.sca. org.
Feast:Feast will be a clash of Korean removes. Look here for more information from Master Otto von Schwyz. Please contact him with any dietary needs via his email at seneschal@sacredstone.atlantia.sca.o rg.
Merchanting:Please contact Lady Pagane at thepetstorejc@gmail.com for merchanting at the event.
Please watch here for any other updates!  https://sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org/ssbb2023/

Adult Member Registration$15.00$15.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$20.00$15.00$0.00
Youth (7-17)$7.00$15.00$0.00
Child (0-6)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Sacred Stone
Registration Notes:THL Adair of Makyswell (mka Catherine King) will be the reservationist. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of the Sacred Stone. You can contact her at her email or phone: Adairaingheanmakyswell@gmail.com / 561-315-7289. Reservation Fees: Adult, Member: $15.00 Adult, Non-Member: $20.00 Youth (7 to 17): $7.00 Child (0-6): $0.00 Feast ( all ages): $15.00 Electronic Reservations are available. Please see website for instructions. Further information about Gate and Reservations will be forthcoming. To make your Gate experience as stress-free as possible, please have the following items with you as you approach the Gate: 1) Members: Your membership card or Non-Members: Your Driver’s License (this should match your Pre-Registration information) 2) Your tag and vehicle information so you may fill in your Parking Pass. Helpful hint, carry a sticky note with your information or keep a photograph of the back of your vehicle on your phone. 3) If you have minors, you will need their information. 4) We will have Waivers to sign at each lane at gate. 5) If you have a Minor and you are not the parent or Legal Guardian you must bring with you the following notarized document: Medical Authorization for Minors. You may find it beneficial to carry multiple copies of the notarized document (with original signatures) so you will have a spare available for the numerous inquiries and therefore, you can enjoy the best part of War of the Wings. Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Minor Authorizations For Participants. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Gatekeeper.  Refunds: Event refunds will be issued per Kingdom of Atlantia"s Financial Policy.  The Sacred Stone exchequer must receive written requests for refunds no later than 7 business days after the event. No refund will be issued until the books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared.  
Site:Elchenburg Castle Farm 1015 Elchenburg Castle Place Boonville, NC 27011
Site Restrictions:Animals must be supervised and on a leash, crated, or otherwise controlled at all times while on site. Owners must be able to provide pertinent information about vaccinations if needed and properly dispose of their animal’s waste. Disruptive animals may be asked to leave site. Due to health concerns, the local health department recommends that gray water from kitchen use be disposed of in portalets. Sumps for showers are not allowed. Please use the showers made available to you on the site. Please respect and take care of the site’s buildings and facilities, the event’s pavilions and resources, and the property, well-being, and privacy of other attendees. Do not enter another camp without permission. Do not take anything that is not yours, even as a joke. No swimming in the pond. It contains leeches, snapping turtles and agricultural run-off. Firearms are not allowed on site. All leftover firewood (used or not) must be taken with you or placed in the tree line so as to be out of the way of machinery. Before you dump your coals ensure they’re completely cool, and flood the ashes with water. Please put all garbage in the dumpster before you leave site, or take it with you. Setting it near or beside the dumpsters means the event staff (likely the event steward) will be handling your garbage and that’s just not nice. Do not drive on the leech fields.
Event Steward:THL Gawain de Barri (Colin Bulla), 308 Jake Tucker Rd, Midland, NC 28107, Phone: (704) 9993418, E-mail: chbulla@gmail.com
THL Adair of Maksywell, MKA Catherine King; Adairaingheanmakyswell@gmail.com / 561-315-7289

From the South: Take your best route to I-77 North. Take Exit 82 and turn right at the end of the exit ramp. *Proceed less than a mile and turn right onto Messick Rd. Proceed to the end of Messick Rd. and turn left on Center Rd. Approx. 9 miles later Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church is on the left. Elchenburg Farm is 4/10ths of a mile further on right. Turn right on gravel road Elchenburg Castle Pl. Signs will be posted. From Hwy 421: Proceed to intersection with I- 77 North, Exit 82, use directions from * From the North: Take your best route to I-81 then to I-77 South to Exit 82, turn left at the exit ramp, use directions from * From the East: Be Aware, signs from this direction are routinely stolen. Be certain to have a backup for finding site. From Interstate 40, take Exit 188 to Highway 421 West toward Boone and Yadkinville. Continue on 421 until the Yadkinville/Highway 601 Exit 257. Turn Right at light onto 601. In 4/10s mile at light turn Left on W. Lee St. At Light turn left onto West Main St/old Hwy 421. About 7/10ths of a mile just before Harmony Grove Friends Meetinghouse turn Right on Booger Swamp Rd, and at the end of Booger Swamp, turn Right on Center Rd. Travel 2.2 miles, Elchenburg is on the Left. Turn left on Elchenburg Castle Pl. If you see the Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church, you have gone too far.