Event Information

VIRTUAL EVENT: Windmasters' Hill Family Reunion
(2021-01-01 - Site opens at 3:00 PM & Closes at 11:59 PM)
Windmasters' Hill

Windmasters" Hill Family Reunion on New Year"s Day

January 1, 2021

3:00pm US Eastern Time until midnight

Zoom link  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84517180937?pwd=T0VzNDhEcjdHVzJHZ0JOZXAvd0M5UT09

A passcode is required and will be posted closer to the event date

Join the family of Windmasters" Hill for a family reunion on Zoom on New Year"s Day of 2021!

We will play some online games and connect with joy through Windy Kitty themed activities.

Every SCAdian worldwide who has ever loved the Barony of Windmasters" Hill is invited to join us.

If you were around when the barony was born and haven"t been back for years...

If you stayed for a while on your way through to another place...

If you found us recently and decided to call this place home...



1) Meet & Greet Windy Kitties from all over the world. Anyone who has ever loved our Windmasters" Hill Community.

2) Introducing as many of the previous Barons and Baronesses of Windmasters" Hill as can attend.

3) For all attendees: Sharing the first date of your connection to Windmasters" Hill, then splitting up into breakout rooms dependent on which decade you first connected with WMH.

Inside each breakout room, for those who wish, take a screenshot of all the folks in that Decade Breakout Room. Share these pictures online and in the Windlore.

4) Show off your WMH Heraldry!  Show in your Zoom screen all the WMH themed stuff you have.

5) A message of love and connection from each of the Cantons to the greater WMH community: The Seneschal of each Canton would be requested to gather from their canton a message of love and connection. This could be a custom written piece or a song or poem.

6) A message from the current Baron and Baroness of Windmasters Hill, Their Excellencies Elizabeth and Lukas if they wish.

7) Bardic to follow organized by Lord Ciaran Mac Brendain.  Estimated time of starting the Bardic is 5:00pm.


Baroness Sophia the Orange - Event Steward - orangesophie AT gmail DOT com

Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis and Lord Malgwyn Morgant - Deputy Event Stewards

Lord Ciaran Mac Breandain - Bardic Coordinator

Website: http://www.windmastershill.org/wordpress/events/windmasters-hill-family-reunion/

Site:Zoom link  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84517180937?pwd=T0VzNDhEcjdHVzJHZ0JOZXAvd0M5UT09

Event Steward:Baroness Sophia the Orange (Lara Coutinho), Cary, NC 27513, Phone: (317) 5012780, E-mail: orangesophie@gmail.com

Find your best route to a comfy chair and internet connection. Click the link for the Zoom meeting on the event flier.