Event Information

VIRTUAL Night on the Line (2021-05-22 - 2021-05-23) Lochmere

The ongoing plague means the town of Smeewick will have to wait one more year until the fae visit.  Instead please join the Barony of Lochmere for a Night on the Line.   Their Excellencies of Lochmere, Baron Linhart and Baroness Letia ask you to break bread with them as they hold court.

For those who wish to eat medievally, a feast menu, associated recipes, and video instruction will be provided by Lady Katla in advance of the event.  Lady Marta will be sponsoring A&S competitions and displays.

DateTimeActivityZoom address
May 22, 20218:00 p.m.Bardic  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81543067869?pwd=MGg3RDZ3dC9OOGhqUDJJMFVVS0w0UT09
May 23, 20211:00-1:05Event Welcome  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85679456517?pwd=dnJWc2s1OFZaRGFHdVpkOVF6bWJPZz09
1:05-1:55Scavenger hunt  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85679456517?pwd=dnJWc2s1OFZaRGFHdVpkOVF6bWJPZz09
2:00-2:55Fire making challengehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/85436165611?pwd=U1hGcnY2UEVDY002b0FrZ3dEVmNkQT09
2:00-2:55Castle Building  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88459584693?pwd=QUxzZElmbE9kblc5d3NPYzZDa09CUT09
3:00-3:55Sword Yoga  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85679456517?pwd=dnJWc2s1OFZaRGFHdVpkOVF6bWJPZz09  
3:00-3:55Ask the Cook  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88459584693?pwd=QUxzZElmbE9kblc5d3NPYzZDa09CUT09
4:00-5:00Dinner and Court  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85679456517?pwd=dnJWc2s1OFZaRGFHdVpkOVF6bWJPZz09
5:00-TBDPost event social  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85679456517?pwd=dnJWc2s1OFZaRGFHdVpkOVF6bWJPZz09


Arts & Sciences:


The Barony of Lochmere is pleased to invite one and all to Night on the Line Virtual Bardic Circle. This will be hosted on Zoom Saturday night, April 22, 2021 from 8 pm - midnight. This will be an open bardic, but we do issue forth the following challenge to the bards of Atlantia: 


The Spooky Story Challenge: Bring your words and music to elicit the creepy, the crawlies, the chills, the things that go bump in the Night on the Line!


The Silly Poem Challenge: Who will be crowned the Night’s most RIDICULOUSLY lyrical Atlantian? Bring us poems to summon laughter or groans. No pun too bad, no situation too improbable, no jest too jocular, we welcome them one and all!


We encourage bards to begin with any pieces suitable for the challenges. This will be pick/pass/play, and we ask that all minors (under 18) have an adult with them in the room


Her Excellency will be hosting a timed scavenger hunt throughout the day.  Get ready to join the quest from your home; see who can find an item the fastest!


Fire may no longer be the everyday necessity it once was, but practicing period fire making methods is an immersive (and fun!) way to learn more about those whose lives depended on it.  Show off your skills by racing to light a candle using period methods in a competition sponsored by the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild.

After a show-and-tell by participants, the competition will start with a countdown, and all participants will try to light their candle the fastest!  All parts of the fire making process should be performed in view of the camera, and while the first participant to light their candle will be the winner!

More information, such as how to sign-up and how the competition will work will be provided via the Night on the Line Facebook event page, the Barony of Lochmere website and the Merry Rose.


Children’s Activity: Where can you find castles? When were they built? What are the parts of a castle?  Instructions for children to build their own castles will be posted on the FB Event Page and the Lochmere website.  Competition ages: 4-8, 9-12 and 12-17.  Join Lady Katla to find out more and see the submissions from the children.



As the plague loosens its grip on Smeewick, hope is blossoming amongst the townsfolk. The rapier contingent is hosting a dispersed virtual gathering to focus on slow drilling, mobility, and flexibily in preparation for the future return to training. These exercises combine slow holding and breathing focus commonly seen in yoga with rapier centric positions. No equipment is needed and people of all experience and physically are welcome to join.


Lady Katla has put together a feast menu to include a shopping list, to allow you to prepare at home then enjoy during Court.    During the Ask the Cook session, Lady Katla will be available to discuss the menu, answer any questions or just socialize.


First Remove:

Various cheeses


Herbed Butter

Salad with vinaigrette


Second Remove:

Sausage with sauce

Mushrooms with leeks

Boiled Peas


Third Remove:

Cheese Fritters 

Your SHOPPING LIST to prepare your feast:

Cheese - a nice variety to eat and enough for your fritters

Bread - a nice loaf if you’re not making it from scratch

Butter - 1stick

Flat leaf parsley - 1 bunch

Leaf lettuce - 1 head (not iceberg) 

Green onions

Olive Oil

Red Wine vinegar

Sea Salt (kosher salt works just fine)

Black Pepper

Pork Sausages - 1 for each person

Garlic - 1 head

Cider vinegar or Verjus (I found verjus on Amazon)

Sage - 1 bunch

Mint - 1bunch


Mushrooms - 8 oz.

Leek - 2 small

Chicken stock


Peas (1/2 pound)

Whole milk

3 eggs


Ginger, fresh - 1 piece should be fine

All-purpose flour

Baking powder

Peanut or canola oil

Ground cinnamon

Ground mace

Ground ginger

Ground cloves

Long pepper ill be ground)

Grains of paradise (will be ground)

Ground Nutmeg 

Galangal (will be ground)


The feast preparation video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOU4t26so90

A&S competition was held in advance of the Event; announcement of the winner will be held during Court.



website:   lochmere.atlantia.sca.org or see our Public Facebook Page:   http://lochmere.atlantia.sca.org/annual_events/night-on-the-line-2021/


Autocrat: Mistress Avice Claremond, phone: 240-463-4689, avice.claremond@gmail.com 

Faithful Co-Crat:  Mistress Medb ingen Brain; email: lassur@live.com

Directions: Take the best route to your comfortable chair with internet connection