Event Information

VIRTUAL: Unevent
(2020-12-05 - 2020-12-06 - Site opens at 8 AM & Closes at 8 PM)

This will be a Virtual Edition of Unevent. Great Officer and Order meetings will occur. 

Unevent will be run in a manner similar to Atlantian University. There will be class times and links provided to each meeting. This year, due to the needs of the Kingdom, Unevent will be two days: from 9-5 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. Officers should contact the officer in charge of each meeting to confirm they have the correct sign on information. 

We have done our best to try to minimize scheduling conflicts. Unfortunately, it isn"t possible to avoid all overlap. Officers may send their deputies or a designated attendee to an officer meeting. Officers and Order Principals should make sure to have a secretary to check people in to the meeting and to keep a roster of attendees.  The links for officer meetings is at https://virtual.atlantia.sca.org/unevent2020.php

Site Notes:Schedule : http://atlantia.sca.org/direct_downloads/Unevent 2020.pdf
Event Steward:Simone de Barjavel (Sarah Toich), PO Box 157, Simpsonville, MD 21150, Phone: (410) 290-3961, E-mail: seneschal@atlantia.sca.org