Event Information

Atlantian Bardic Madness
(2024-06-28 - 2024-06-30 - Site opens at 9 AM & Closes at 8 PM)

Come join us for a unique experience as we celebrate Atlantia"s bards! Come listen to bards from all over the Known World as you participate in fyts throughout the day. Relax in the welcoming atmosphere as there are no competitions, just good old-fashioned fun! Enjoy a lunch that is included with your entry fee and grab a coveted spot for feast as delectable dishes are created in the kitchen. After the event site closes, there is no need to go home! At the local hotel, there is an after-hours bardic circle where all are invited to participate and enjoy. 


FightingThere are no marshal activities.
Arts & Sciences:There are opportunities for displays at this site, so if you wish to display, please contact Mistress Ros.
Feast:There is a day board included for lunch and a feast for 50 people in the evening. 
Merchanting:Please contact Gawain de Barri for merchant information at chbulla@gmail.com.
Other:The site is ADA compliant, all on one level, and is indoors. There is a quiet room, as well as a separate room for mothers to utilize, if needed, to feed children.

Adult Member Registration$12.00$10.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$22.00$10.00$0.00
Youth (11-17)$7.00$10.00$0.00
Child (0-10)$0.00$10.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Kingdom of Atlantia
Registration Notes:Children ages 0-6 are $0.00 for feast. This means ages 7- 10 are $10.00 for feast. KINGDOM REFUND POLICY UPDATE: All requests for refunds will go to the Reservationist who will prepare the refunds for the Kingdom Exchequer to issue. For Kingdom Events sponsored by the Kingdom, Event Refunds shall be provided as follows: i. Feast refund will be provided if the feast spot was resold to another attendee. ii. Other fees may be refunded based upon a decision by the Atlantian Council of the Exchequer. iii. The Kingdom Exchequer must receive refund requests in writing (email is acceptable) no later than five (5) business days after the event. iv. All refunds shall be paid by check from the Atlantian checking account. v. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared. vi. vi.No refund shall be issued if the event has not made a profit. This policy may be waived by unanimous vote of the Kingdom Financial Committee in cases of event cancellation or other extreme circumstances, provided that such action does not put the Kingdom in financial jeopardy.
Site:Morning Star Lutheran Church 12509 IDLEWILD ROAD ~ MATTHEWS, NC ~ 28105
Site Restrictions:NO ALCOHOL
Event Steward:Niccolina the Wanderer (Niccolina Mann), 308 Jake Tucker Rd, Midland, NC 28107, Phone: (704) 891-7579, E-mail: niccolinamann@gmail.com
Reservations:Adair of Makyswell (Catherine King) Mail Checks or money orders to Catherine King 1009North River Rd., Sylva, NC 28779 , Phone: (561) 315-7289 , E-mail: Adairaingheanmakyswell@gmail.com


For all points North, South, East and West:


Make your best way to I-485 in Charlotte, North Carolina, exit 49 Idlewild Rd. From there, follow Idlewild Rd West 2.3 miles to Morning Star Lutheran Church. Parking is in the back and the entrance is under the covered drop-off area. The site address is 12509 Idlewild Rd, Matthews, NC 28105.