Event Information

VIRTUAL Event: Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
(2020-09-19 - Site opens at 10 AM & Closes at 8 PM)
Sacred Stone

Come and pay your homage to the goddesses at Sacred Stone's 38th Baronial Birthday and meet our incoming Baronage.

Website: http://atlantia.sca.org/137-events/167-event-flyer?event_id=75bbf038

more info: http://sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org/

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/660996144625041/

Martial Activities:

Armored: We will host a Pell Challenge & a Fighter Fashion Show! More info on the challenge to come. The Fighter Fashion show will be focusing on upgrades to your armor.

Rapier: Although we cannot meet in a contest of blades it does not mean that we are unable to challenge each other and improve our skills. Choose a plate from a period master's lesson, preferably in such a way that a beginner fighter would find useful. Use whatever medium you are most comfortable with (video, photography, crayons...) and be creative with your image. Don't have a partner and it's a two person illustration? Use a dressmakers dummy or photograph yourself in both positions and splice it together.

Judges will be chosen who are recognized authorities in the historic marshal arts. Bonus points for creativity. Entries should be submitted at claybabyetain@gmail.com.

Archery: We are working on new ideas on how to make this work best. More info to come.

Arts & Sciences:

All arts are encouraged for display.

We have several competitions available:

Embroidery: Bring your gifts suitable for a goddess.

Calligraphy & Illuminations: Proclamations of the gods. Both Kingdom and Baronial scrolls.

Leather working

Best quarantine update made to your camp: one competition for best period update another for best SCA upgrade using the creativity the SCA inspires. Examples on this would be concealing modern camp/persona features.

Site: This will be held VIRTUALLY via a Zoom meeting in the comfort and safety of your home. Site “open” 10 am - 7pm, Court is scheduled for 5pm.

Site Restrictions: You will need internet access and the device of your choice. A microphone, headset or speakers, and a webcam can be useful but not required.

Feast: Have you always wanted to learn new cooking skills? This feast will be done a little differently with classes spread out through the day so you can follow along at home and cook the same feast together. Menu & Shopping list will be posted ahead of the event.

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are welcome and encouraged to join us! We have ideas for a "stroll through" merchant channel during this event. Please contact Baroness Asta with questions and commentary.

Baronial Birthday Court: Yes, Court!! Baroness Murienne will be holding a ZOOM Court at 5 pm

Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84214500411?pwd=ZlhJaDJ2cnJwT25LMUUzUWNYN0thdz09
Meeting ID: 842 1450 0411 Please contact the Event Steward for Password.

Other Information:  This is our first time attempting something of this scale, please bear with us as we hatch ideas and get information together.

Event Steward: Baroness Asta knarrarbringa (Kari Newby), 916 Rye Hollow Rd, Pearisburg, VA 24134, Phone: (843) 773-0457, E-mail: baronessasta@gmail.com

Reservations: Please contact the Event Steward for information connecting with Zoom.

Directions: Find your best route to a safe spot at home, with a great internet connection, to watch or participate.