Event Information

(2022-06-02 - 2022-06-04 - Site opens at 10:00 AM & Closes at 1:00 PM)

Climbing out of a two year plague, our thoughts turn to friends, a warm fire and War!!! The Canton of Moorehaven is delighted to invite the valiant warriors of The Atlantian Kingdom and her cousins to test their mettle, stretch their canvas, mend their equipment from their long stored inactivity at Balmy Myrtle Beach in the Southern end of the realm. This will be a THREE day Event focused on the following martial disciplines: Armored, Combat Archery, Rapier and Cut and Thrust. Individual Bottled Water will be available and plentiful for ALL who attend.


Thursday we will welcome our guests and assist, construct and create a martial academic environment where we will re-learn unit tactics and build upon the talent of our populace.  This day is dedicated to conducting authorizations, repairing equipment and ensuring the encampment that we regularly displayed at wars like Pennsic and Gulf Wars is up to standard.  

 Friday is Training day. We kick off the day at 9:00. Armored training will begin on the field. Movement, Contact, Drills and formations will be discussed and trained on. Many who day trip may need to arrive early if they require authorizations. The training will run until noon. There will be a 3 hour break from 12 until 3 where we will resume training in specialized areas like Spear work and Triads picking up at 3:30. We end the day with 10 man scrimmages which directly support Saint Aidens 10 Warrior melee competition at Pennsic. Combat Archery Training will run their courses of rapid fire drills and refine their techniques. There will be a 3 hour break from 12 until 3 where we will resume training and conduct a training drill called CoG’s Alley. This is a drill that encompasses accuracy, communication teamwork and focus. Without an Archer 3 man teams will not be able to move. Friday evening sides will be pre-determined to offer units who fight together to remain together. Sides will be evenly divided prior to the start of Melee activities.

Saturday is Performance/Competition Day. The day will be divided into Melee scenarios (Morning) and Tournaments (late afternoon). Melees will include Combat Archery Armored will have a three tiered fight involving Combat Archery. Open Field, Bridge, Castle Keep. Attackers are given unlimited resurrections, Defenders are limited to three. These are timed battles. Strategy, communication and aggressive tactics are key. This is a timed event, once the defending unit is eliminated, time will be called. The side with the shortest time to eliminate the defender will be the victor. Time on the open field begins at 10:00 ends at noon. From noon to four is free time to enjoy the day or take a trip down to the Beach. We will resume activities at 4. We will kick off the afternoon with squires speed tourney. Followed by a matched weapons tourney.

Arts & Sciences:Onsite classes will consist of two 10 x 14 open air tents with box fans. The tents will be adjacent the mess hall and situated closely to all scheduled activities. The classes are requested to be Martial Discipline focused. Course will run continuous throughout Friday and Saturday where the long breaks may invite those who were on the field to participate and complete required specific training.
Feast:Food will be offered by food vendors on site. Times and fare to be announced.
Merchanting:None Scheduled -

Adult Member Registration$15.00$0.00$30.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$20.00$0.00$35.00
Youth (6-17)$10.00$0.00$10.00
Child (0-5)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Canton of Moorhaven

Registration Notes:***Although we strive to plan and produce the best possible event and experience for our local and expanded family, we cannot promise that the pandemic will not touch our event. All activities are scheduled to be conducted OUTSIDE in the fresh air. Our food source will be provided by an on-site vendor. Two Different Evening meals are scheduled for Friday Evening and Saturday Evening. The cost will be $12.50 and will be procured through the onsite vendor not through the SCA channels. Open air seating (picnic tables) set 6 feet apart under a sun canopy are offered in a military mess hall style set up. Chow Runs from 7-8. Our volunteer staff will be focused on keeping contact contamination points clean and service-able. Wash stations are set up in the mess hall areas. Masks are required by the individual when they feel they will be in close contact outside. These are not only our preferences but it is now Kingdom Mandate. If you are actively fighting you may remove your mask when your helmet is on. We ask that all patrons practice social distance. Hand sanitizer stations will be put up throughout the event space. Given the growing concern with the Covid 19 virus, we support and are implementing the the Kingdom decision to have either your Covid Vaccination Card or an official negative test (within 72 hours) either digitally or on paper before being able to Troll in. Your information will NOT be recorded in any way. We do ask of you are feeling unwell, to please stay home. ******Please be advised that the presentation an official vaccination card or an official negative test ( taken with in 72 hours of your arrival to site) is a necessity before being admitted to troll. The negative test can be presented on paper or on an electronic device. Vaccination Card needs to be legible and in good condition. Your legal name must match the name printed on the vaccination card. If you cannot produce either of these things upon entry to site you will not be admitted to the event*** Weather is very HOT in June. We do ask that you keep an eye on the weather reports and dress appropriately. Court location is to be announced, weather dependent. Site Opens: 8:30 AM Thursday Site Closes: 3:00 PM Sunday
Site:RH Acres 3833 Socastee Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Site Restrictions:Above ground Fire Pits. Pets allowed but on leash and controlled
Event Steward:Alain de la Rochelle (Allen G Blanchette ), 112 Crafton Park Lane , Cary, NC 27519, Phone: (910) 584 1039, E-mail: allengeorgeblanchette@gmail.com
Reservations:Lady Keelin (A. Nicole Cochran), 2857B Rock Pillar Rd, Clayton, NC 27519, Phone: (910) , E-mail: a.nicole.chochran@gmail.com

Find your way to Myrtle Beach. Locate Socastee Blvd off of Highway 17