Event Information

Virtual Event: Ponte Alto's Yule: Meet Me Under the VIRTUAL Bridge
(2020-12-19 - Site opens at 2 PM & Closes at 5 PM)
Ponte Alto

Greetings fellow Atlantians!

  The Barony of Ponte Alto would like to invite you to our Winter Holiday Celebrations this year, Under the VIRTUAL Bridge!

   Our supreme leaders, Noyan Naran and Baroness Marie-Therese, will be looking for new Baronial Champions!  Please send your letters of intent to be considered as a Champion by 5 December. Include why you would like to be a Champion. You can/should include Videos and/or Pictures and email to Baronage@PonteAlto.Atlantia.SCA.org (by 5 December).

   Their choices will be revealed during their court! We will have our annual cookie exchange - well sort of. Send us pictures of your holiday cookies so we can at least see what we are making this year! Go all out! Decorate them! Display them! and take a picture of them to share!

Website:  https://virtual.atlantia.sca.org/

more info: https://pontealto.atlantia.sca.org/

Site:   https://virtual.atlantia.sca.org/Under the VIRTUAL Bridge

Site info:  The link to court will be available Saturday prior to Court.  Court will be at 2pm.

Event Steward:

Meisterin Adina von der Heide (L Cicirelli), Fairfax, VA 22033, Phone: (571) 249 1250, E-mail: Event StewardYule2020@PonteAlto.Atlantia.SCA.org


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