Event Information

VIRTUAL - Highland Havoc
(2020-10-31 - Site opens at PM & Closes at AM)
Highland Foorde

Welcome to Virtual Highland Havoc 2020!


For the good of the realm, we must remain in seclusion, but that does not mean that we must abandon The Dream! Highland Havoc’s inaugural year was 2019, and it was created with the intent of having a Northern Atlantian event in the fall focused on equestrians, archery, and equestrian archery. Though we must currently remain at distance, in an effort to engage and entertain, a cast of characters has assembled a laundry list of challenges for those who desire to show their prowess while in isolation. Hone your skills with A&S challenges! Virtually ride to victory with the equestrians! And most importantly, Toast to the Realm!


Our challenges:


Notes on submitting your entry to a challenge: 

  • All entries are due Monday, October 26 by midnight

  • Unless otherwise noted, all entries are to be submitted in their specific Challenge Album on Facebook in the Virtual Highland Havoc group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1006745336458185/?ref=share

  • If you do not have a Facebook, or do not wish to submit that way, email the Event Steward, Epy Pengelly, at kearney00mm@gmail.com. Include in the email subject line which challenge your submission is for. 


We hope you enjoy what we have in store for you! 



Epy Pengelly, Armiger

Virtual Highland Havoc 2020 Event Steward

Website: http://hftest.atlantia.sca.org/highland-havoc/

Classes and events:

Challenge Blurbs:

  • A Toast to the Kingdom: We invite you to raise a glass and toast to the kingdom!
  • Souptacular Challenge: The weather is cold and blustery, but a warm bowl of soup and bread in good company makes such things seem trivial.
  • Archers and Horses of Myths and Legends: Celebrate the archers and horses of myth and legend in this virtual Arts and Sciences challenge!
  • Build-a-Mount: Create your best paleo pony, any medium. Basically a best “stick horse” contest.
  • Medieval Halloween Costume Contest: A chance to show off your creative skills and/ or sewing skills for garbing you and/or your horse
  • Paper and Streamers and Barding, oh my!: Your mount needs help getting dressed for the spooky holiday in the next five minutes -- but all you have is toilet paper!
  • Equestrian Kit Improvement Challenge: Show us what you have done to improve your equestrian kit during the quarantine (new saddle pad, surcoat, caparison, etc.).
  • Headless Horseman Pumpkin Chuckin" Challenge: A fun, creative, and *very* exciting challenge involving everyone"s favorite spook on horseback
  • Challenge of The Fairy Dance: You choose your own route through the perilous woods and hills to flee the fae- and as such choose which obstacles are best for you and your mount (or which you have at your barn).
  • Running through the Reeds:  Embrace the interkingdom challenge of the Reeds!
  • Social Distancing Poker Practice: Test your skills at the Joust without risking spreading the plague.
  • Lady Mor’s Bit-o-Everything Challenge: Challenge yourself and your mount with an accumulative points challenge!
  • Ride Before a Prince:  Show your steed’s prowess and honor royalty by Riding Before a Prince!
  • Outdoor Defense Division (O.D.D.) Challenge: Cry HAVOC! And let slip the Vikings of war! (Outdoor thrown weapons)
  • Throw Away Challenge: Cry HAVOC! And let slip the Vikings of war! (Indoor thrown weapons)
  • Targeted Projectile Practice: Cry HAVOC! And let slip the Vikings of war! (Target archery challenge)

Site:Personal computer equipment and internet access will be required

Event Steward:Michelle (Mishee) Kearney, Phone: (240) 7721286, E-mail: kearney00mm AT gmail.com