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VIRTUAL: The Alchemy of Spring (2021-05-01 - 2021-05-30) Hawkwood

This event is focused on creating Arts and Sciences, and celebrating spring finally being here! We have several categories for submissions, with the trick being that our due dates are different depending on the artisian's level of skill in their chosen craft - novices have until May 22 to turn in, intermediate is due May 16, and expert is due May 8. We will also have A&S workdays / critique sessions for anyone that wants to come and get some advice (or just hang out) on May 9th and 23rd, at 2pm - 4pm. The "cost" of entry to all of our challenges is not gold nor silver - nay, we require exactly 1 (one) Philosopher's Stone per entry. For more information on dates, contests, and what we plan to do with all those Philosopher's Stones, please visit our website!

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/alchemyofmay/

Arts & Sciences:Please see our website for full list of contests, but a brief summary includes: Alchemical Concoctions Crucibles and Containers Fighters: Battle Ready! Pastorale Challenge: Calling All Bards Hawkwood's Garden

Other:Our full schedule of events throughout the month of May are as follows: May 8th: Expert entries due May 9: A&S Workday + critique via Zoom, Expert winner announced at workday and via website. May 15th: Hawkwood Baronial Court , followed by tea social, Intermediate entries due. May 16: Intermediate Winner Announced via Website. May 22: Novice entries due May 23: A&S Workday + critique via Zoom, Novice Winner Announced at workday and via website. May 29th: All Category Prizes Awarded + Bardic Celebration @7PM!

Make Checks Payable To:n/a, this is a free event for all to participate in!

Registration Notes:
Site:All activity will be hosted via Zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/6449029933, with a Baronial Court that will be streamed via Youtube from Hawkwood's Youtube page on May 15th at 2pm. The feed will be streamed through Zoom, so everyone can watch together.

Autocrat:Ariesian Eldclaw (Andrea Brooks), Old Fort, NC 28762, Phone: (828) 7125948, E-mail: banrai@gmail.com

(Andrea Brooks), Old Fort, NC 28762, Phone: (828) 7125948, E-mail: banrai@gmail.com

Directions: Please make your way to a comfortable chair and stable internet connection!!