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Raiders and Traders
(2024-09-13 - 2024-09-15 - Site opens at 5:00 PM & Closes at 4:00 PM)
Nottinghill Coill

Event Info

Raiders and Traders Skirmish (RATS)

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2024-09-13 @5:00 PM to 2024-09-15 @ 4:00 PM
Nottinghill Coill


Site Info

Site Name:
Viscount Fearghus MacAirt Property

1558 Well ridge Rd., Chester, SC, 29706

From Charlotte, Take I-77 South Then take exit 55 toward SC-97/Chester/Great Falls. Go for 0.3 mi. Turn right onto Great Falls Hwy (SC-97). Go for 7.7 mi. Turn right onto Pleasant Grove Rd. Go for 0.7 mi. Turn right onto Wellridge Rd. Go for 0.3 mi. 


Primitive site , we will have porta-johns available.  The inside of the house in not available for use as this is a private residence.

Event Steward

SCA Name:


Earn coin/Token for your team through all aspects of the SCA. Service, Pretties and Research, Martial Prowess.

Cost Info

See Cost Notes

Checks Payable To:
SCA, Inc./Barony of Nottingham Coill

Cost Notes:

General Activities

Martial Activities:
The Titan’s Challenge
Hark to you now, fighters all,
Come! Do honor to your King and Queen
The Tournament Field, with pennant-decked wall,
Encircling virtue sets nobility’s scene,
Become a Titan! This challenge they call;
Win but one and be a sweet Sixteen!
This challenge from the Crown is told;
Come fight as a Titan, be brave and bold!

Sixteen challenges issued, each just and true,
To Atlantian fighters: Come test your mettle!
Lift your sword or schlager, enter the queue,
Bravely prove you’ve a score to settle.
A golden trident for the winners few
Surely worth more than a measly shekel!
Titan Challenge winners shall then compete,
In the fullness of time the bracket will be complete

Whether Heavy or Rapier, check the calendar soon,
Titan Challenge Lysts are throughout the year!
Each challenger from hard-won fight is hewn,
You never know when a challenge Lyst will be near!
The Titan of Atlantia will be festooned,
And at Silver Chalice named Atlantia’s Premiere
So come one, come all, and sharpen your blade,
Our King and Queen declare a Titan shall be Made!

Poem by Marion, Leoncina da Susa - Written in Ottava Rima http,s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottava_rima

Be prepared to fight at a barrier.

Melee: Team mele battles to defend youre are through the night

No feast will be provided however feel free to hold a non-monetary sustenance for coin for your team.