Event Information

Bright Hills Baronial Birthday and Investiture
(2023-02-11 - Site opens at 8 AM & Closes at 10 PM)
Bright Hills

It is a day of celebration as we welcome in our new Baronage, Lord Graham and Lady Freydis! 

Prepare yourself and your band of adventurers as we find ourselves back in the halls of our intrepid King Dietrich as he plans his trip to the Rose Garden of the Dwarf King Lauren.  It is time to choose upon which side of the field you will stand for as we find, neither side is all virtuous nor without sympathies, so choose carefully....

Website: ​​Baronial Calendar of Events – The Barony of Bright Hills (sca.org)

FightingWeather permitting: There will be several themed melee and/or individual tournaments throughout the day. Planned forms are Armored and Rapier
Arts & Sciences:There will be several Themed A&S and Bardic Competitions
Feast:Will be curated by our own Cook"s Guild and headed by Mistress Jennine Tenneur de Bec (Becky Ritterhouse) *Email beckyritterhouse@yahoo.com Phone 443-898-2277 (please leave vm if no answer)
Merchanting:Merchants are always encouraged, so please reach out to Lady Livia de Samuele (Sherrill Abramson) email: abramsonsm@yahoo.com for information
Other:One of our own is missing! There will be a scavenger hunt/mystery to help locate and perhaps determine their fate.


Adult Member Registration15.0013.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$20.00$13.00$0.00
Youth (5-17)$5.00$13.00$0.00
Child (0-4)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA-MD, Inc, Barony of Bright Hills
Registration Notes:Make checks payable to SCA-MD, INC, Barony of Bright Hills. Pre-Registrations are to be sent to: Michelle England 219 Grindall St, Baltimore, MD 21230. Refunds will require a written request submitted to Exchequer within 5 days after the event. site fee refunds will be processed once all checks received for the event have been cleared.  There is a set cap of 2 adults and 2 children.
Site:Site location- 3297 York St, Manchester, MD 21102
Site Restrictions:This is a wet site but we ask that you take containers with you when you leave. No Ground fires permitted.
Event Steward:Rebecca von Zweckel (Becky Kepple), 765 Waugh Chapel lRd, Odenton, MD 21113, Phone: (443) 254-1205, E-mail: becky.kepple@gmail.com
Reservations:Clara von Wonsiedel (Michelle England), 219 Grindell st, Baltimore, MD 21230, Phone: () , E-mail: brighthills.exchequer@gmail.com

From North, due South or East-Take your best route to Baltimore, MD and I-695. Follow I-695 to Exit #19/rte-I- 795. Follow I-795 West =/- 9 miles to MD rte 30. Turn left onto MD rte 30 and follow it =/- 14 miles to Manchester, MD. Once in Manchester, turn right on York St, follow it several blocks. The site will be on your right. Look for the curved stone gateway. From West and parts of DC and North VA-Take your beset route to I-70 and Exit #68/ Mt Airy, MD rte 27 North until it dead ends in Manchester, MD. Turn right onto Main St/rte 30 and go several blocks to the next traffic light. Turn left onto York st and follow for several blocks. The site will be on your right. Look for the curved stone gateway. **We are requesting that all attendees go past the site to the next block (Victory St., make a right and then another right onto Maple Ave. to park on the field. *Handicap parking will remain in the parking lot to the left and front of the building** The site may be slightly elevated but it is scooter usable.  There will be activities located both inside and outside so please dress appropriately.