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Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Black Diamond

Stefan of Cambion and Evelynne Merrymet

Email: baron AT black-diamond.atlantia.sca.org

Bright Hills

Godai Katsunaga and Wanda Ostojowna

Email: baron AT brighthills.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT brighthills.atlantia.sca.org

Caer Mear

Tojenareum Grenville of Devon and Magda z Stalburg

Email: baron AT caermear.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT caermear.atlantia.sca.org

Dun Carraig

Harald Brandarm and Ceridwen ferch Owain
(John and Linda McLaughlin)

Phone: (301) 274-4171
Email: BnB AT DunCarraig.net


Edward Godale and Gracia Slay

Email: baron AT baronyofhawkwood.org and baroness AT baronyofhawkwood.org

Highland Foorde

Ludwig Brumser and Sinn Larendsotter

Email: hfbaron AT highland-foorde.atlantia.sca.org and hfbaroness AT highland-foorde.atlantia.sca.org


Cormacc au Rigain and Sarra de Vicenza

Email: baron AT lochmere.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT lochmere.atlantia.sca.org


Jean Maurice and Catalina
(Curt and Melissa Rhoades)

Phone: (757) 769-2705 (NLT 9pm) and (757) 831-3240 (NLT 9pm)
Email: baron AT marinus.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT marinus.atlantia.sca.org

Nottinghill Coill

Elphin ap Dafyd and Delia Flammen

Email: baron AT nottinghillcoill.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT nottinghillcoill.atlantia.sca.org

Ponte Alto

Naran Numuchi and Marie-Therese Normand

Email: baron AT pontealto.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT pontealto.atlantia.sca.org

Raven's Cove

Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain and Edan Lowery
(James and Heather Rardin)

Phone: (910) 546-6056 (NLT 10pm) and (910) 803-4626 (NLT 10pm)
Email: RavensBaron AT gmail.com and RavensBaroness AT gmail.com

Sacred Stone

Murienne l'aloiere
(Nikole Harrington)

, ,
Phone: and 336-823-4777
Email: AT and baroness AT sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org


Dietrich Saphir zum Drache and Karin Taylor de Cameron

Phone: 703-864-2760 (NLT 9 PM)
Email: baron AT stierbach.org and baroness AT stierbach.org


Celric d'Ravelle and Ilaria de Gandia
(David and Martha Bartlett)

Phone: (423) 747-7473
Email: baron AT storvik.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT storvik.atlantia.sca.org


John Biggeheved and Oriana of Xylina

Phone: 757-771-0267 (NLT 9PM)
Email: baron AT tirydon.atlantia.sca.org and baroness AT tirydon.atlantia.sca.org

Windmasters' Hill

Daemon Broussard and Typhaine de Loheac
(Scott and Nicole Smithers)

Phone: (910)540-5073 (NLT 9:30) and (910)540-5072 (NLT 9:30)
Email: baron AT windmastershill.org and baroness AT windmastershill.org

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