Reopening Atlantia

This page contains the most up-to-date information from the Seneschal’s office concerning the resumption of activities for groups within the Kingdom of Atlantia. Each of the files below has a short description of the contents along with the publication time for each document. It is important to note the file’s date as information is subject to change.

Provide Commentary on the new COVIDSafe proposal.

The Kingdom of Atlantia will be implementing the COVIDsafe plan effective October 18, 2021. I met with Their Majesties, the Great Officers of State, the Baronage and the Branch Seneschals to discuss the ramifications of the plan for our Kingdom. We received an overwhelmingly positive response via the Commentary page to implementing the policy. Yet, we know that for some of the populace this decision comes as distressing news. We want everyone to be able to participate. We feel that the COVIDsafe policy is the way to provide the safest possible environment for our attendees. I have set an end date of March 12, 2022 or earlier if all groups in the Kingdom reach an 80% vaccination rate. As infection rates continue to fall and vaccination rates continue to rise, we will review the policies and reevaluate the needs of our Kingdom.

This policy DOES NOT remove the current mask and food service policies, they will continue as well. The COVIDsafe policy is mandatory for all official in-person SCA gatherings, including fighter practices, meetings, and events. While the policy will start October 18th for local activities, the first event it will be used at is Fall Crown Tourney.

Failure to abide by this policy may result in ejection from site and sanctions for individuals and suspension of the ability to host activities for groups. Please be patient as we implement the policy and determine how Atlantia will deal with the various aspects of it. A year ago we were closed to all in-person activities, this is another way to bring us back together. The COVID pandemic we face continues to be hard on all of us. Each of us feels this in different ways. Virtual Atlantia and the University have blossomed, offering online opportunities that we had not previously considered. But, we all want to be able to walk up to our friends and be together as we were before the pandemic. It is my hope and belief that this policy is a step in that direction for the Kingdom.

Atlantia is a resilient community, built of a diverse and extraordinary populace. Please remember to be kind and supportive of each other as we move forward. Vivat Atlantia!

Duchess Simone (Sarah Toich)
Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia

SCA Board Resolution – COVIDSafe

The SCA health notice must be printed and prominently displayed at the entrance to all SCA activities (events, meetings, A&S and martial practices). This language will be required to appear on all event notices, flyers, online announcements, and advertisements, including Troll [Registration], as well as being posted in multiple locations at any and all SCA-sponsored functions going forward.

Sign-in & contact information sheet required for all official in-person activities. March 2021 Update.

General information about COVID-19, provided by the CDC. 

Medieval themed images to remind individuals to take proper precautions during this time of COVID.