Kingdom Bid Committee Coordinator

Kingdom of Atlantia

The esteemed Kingdom Seneschal’s office is poised to offer an exciting opportunity for a qualified
individual to join our team as the Kingdom Bid Committee Coordinator. This pivotal role involves
working closely with committee members to facilitate the solicitation of bids for Kingdom events, as
stipulated in Kingdom Law section 5.13.6 and policy 1.9. The Kingdom Event Bid Coordinator is an
Officer of State position.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:
Scheduling and Communication:
* Collaborate with committee members to establish meeting schedules.
* Ensure seamless communication channels within the committee.
* Maintain the Kingdom Event Bid page on the Atlantia Kingdom website
Bid Solicitation:
* Advertise for bid submissions from interested parties.
* Advertise for bid submissions on website, social media platforms and elists
Submission Management:
* Maintain communication with groups and bidders to ensure all necessary information is
* Address inquiries from bidders regarding the submission process.
* Share bid information with all stakeholders.
Approval and Information Dissemination:
* Notify successful bidders of their approval.
* Provide comprehensive information regarding registration and advertising requirements for the
* Effective communication skills with individuals across all levels of the organization, irrespective
of their office or position within the Society.
* Thorough familiarity with organizing and leading Kingdom-level events.
* Proficiency in the Kingdom budget process.
* Understanding of Kingdom Copra and Law as they pertain to events.

Application Submission:
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their Letters of Intent and SCA Resumes to Their Royal
Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal by Thursday, May 2, 2024. ( /
This position holds significant importance in the organization of Kingdom events. We value your interest
in contributing to the vibrant community of Atlantia. Come join us in making a positive impact on the
Kingdom’s events by taking on the role of Kingdom Events Bid Coordinator.

To apply for this job email your details to