Kingdom Chatelaine

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Unto the populace of Atlantia, greetings. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Kingdom Chatelaine has
had to step down from the office. Their Majesties are appointing a temporary Emergency Kingdom
Chatelaine, until we can fill the position.

This office is responsible for making sure that newcomers to the local group are made to feel welcome
and receive the assistance that they need to become active members of the SCA. They are also
responsible for ensuring that demos for recruitment and education are held.

The Kingdom Chatelaine position is a Great Officer of State position. As such, you must understand and
comply with the eligibility requirements and responsibilities detailed in the following documents:
* Governing Documents of the SCA ( Part I.D.2
(Membership Requirements: Officers) and Part VII (Kingdom, Principality, and Local Officers).
* Atlantian Great Book of Law, Sections 4 and 5
* Atlantian Book of Policy, Section 9 (Policies of the Kingdom Chatelain)
If you are interested in applying for the position, please include the following information in an email to
Their Majesties (trm {AT}
* Full name (modern and SCA)
* Complete contact information (including mailing, email address, and phone #)
* SCA membership # and Expiration Date
* Letter explaining your experience (professional and SCA) and why you would like to be

The deadline for submission of the above information is May 2, 2024. Please feel free to contact the
Kingdom Seneschal at seneschal {AT} if you have any additional questions.

To apply for this job email your details to