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The following events have been registered in the Kingdom of Atlantia and have an Event Registration Form on file with the Kingdom Chronicler. Events that are registered after The Acorn has gone to press will be posted here and in the next month's issue. In case of discrepancies, the hard copy has precedence. Events listed here that are sponsored by other kingdoms are not registered in Atlantia and are provided for informational purposes only. Contact the Kingdom Calendar Coordinator (calendar AT atlantia.sca.org) with any corrections or updates.

Information about Kingdom-level events that have had a bid approved by the Kingdom Event Bids Committee, but that are not listed on the Kingdom Event Calendar, may found at the Kingdom Event Bids webpage.

The Calendar RSS Feed shows the 15 upcoming events

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R: Royal Progress K: King's Progress Q: Queen's Progress
H: Highnesses' Progress P: Prince's Progress Pr: Princess' Progress

June 2018

1-3 Insurrection - Highland River Melees 2018 (H) Highland Foorde Knoxville, MD
8-10 Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium Aethelmearc
9 Storytelling & Bardic Workshop Nottinghill Coill Spartanburg, SC
9 Skewered! Roxbury Mill Gaithersburg, MD
15-17 Old School War Practice (K) Marinus Clarksville, VA
16-17 Summer University Black Diamond Lynchburg, VA
22-24 Return to Crecy V Middlegate Harmony, NC
23 Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament (K,H) Storvik College Park, MD
28-1 East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration East
29-1 Blades & Bows Quattour Brockore Abbey Spartanburg, SC
30 Performers Revel South Elvegast Garner, NC

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July 2018

6-8 Kings Assessment (H) Black Diamond Appomattox, VA
14 Althing Authorizations and Melees Highland Foorde Purcellville, VA
14 Warriors' Games Tear-Seas Shore Harleyville, SC
27-12 Pennsic War (R,H) Aethelmearc

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August 2018

24-26 Gardens of Thyme Harvest Table Crois Brigte Boonville, NC
25 Silver Chalice Hidden Mountain Conway, SC
30-3 Hastilude at the Hollow V Black Diamond Raphine, VA
31-3 Trial by Fire Bright Hills Glen Arm, MD

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September 2018

1-2 Known World Academy of Rapier and Known World Armored Combat Collegium Northshield
7-9 Rip Rap War: It Takes Two to Parley Tir-y-Don Courtland, VA
7-9 Panem et Circenses: Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday (R) Sacred Stone Boonville, NC
8 Barony of Stierbach's 20th Baronial Birthday Stierbach Leesburg, VA
15 Fall University Atlantia
21-23 Southern War Practice X Ritterwald New Ellenton, SC
21-23 Battle on the Bay (K) Storvik Upper Marlboro, MD
22 Barony of Raven's Cove Birthday - Deus Vult! Raven's Cove Richlands, NC
28-30 Clash with Bacchus Seven Hills Big Island, VA

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October 2018

6 Fall Coronation (R,H) Atlantia
13 The Wild Hunt Ponte Alto Annandale, VA
17-21 War of the Wings XIII Atlantia Boonville, NC
26-28 Harvest Wars Bright Hills Denton, MD

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November 2018

3 Fall Crown Tournament (R) Ponte Alto Leesburg, VA
9-11 Red Mountain Mead Hall Isenfir Charlottesville, VA
9-11 Sheep Raids 1418 Seareach Beulaville, NC
10 Dun Carraig 25th Baronial Birthday Dun Carraig Waldorf, MD
16-18 Feast of St. Dismas Cydllan Downs Trenton, SC
17 Holiday Faire Stierbach Manassas, VA
17 Buckston Birthday Bash Buckston-on-Eno

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December 2018

1 Unevent Atlantia

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January 2019

11-13 12th Night: A 1001 Atlantian Nights Sacred Stone Virginia Beach, VA
25-27 Nottinghill Coill's Investiture and Baronial Birthday Nottinghill Coill Bennettsville, SC 29512, SC
26 The Road to Compostela (Midwinters Revel) Lochmere Severna Park, MD
26 Ice Castles Black Diamond Salem, VA

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February 2019

2 Winter University Atlantia
9 Bright Hills 25th Baronial Birthday Bright Hills Manchester, MD
16 Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday Ponte Alto
16-17 Ædult Swim IV Æthelmearc

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March 2019

2 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival Atlantia

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April 2019

6 Spring Coronation Atlantia
12-14 Tourny of Elchenburg Charlesbury Crossing Boonville, NC
12-14 Night in Navarre Lochmere Crownsville, MD
20 Royal Archery Tournament Bright Hills Glen Arm, MD
26-28 Mists of Atlantia: Gawain and the Green Knight Crois Brigte Bennettsville, SC

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May 2019

4 Spring Crown Tournament Atlantia
24-27 Ruby Joust VIII Caer Mear

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