KMOAS Deputy – Guild Liaison 

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As the Guild Liaison for the Kingdom of Atlantia, a Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Deputy, you will play a vital role in fostering strong relationships between the kingdom and its guilds. You will serve as the primary point of contact for guild representatives, facilitating communication, collaboration, and coordination between the kingdom populace and its various guilds. Your efforts will contribute to the growth, development, and prosperity of both the guilds and the kingdom as a whole.


  1. Guild Relations: Develop and maintain positive relationships with guild leaders and representatives across various sectors, including but not limited to craftsmanship, trade, arts, and sciences.
  2. Collaboration Promotion: Actively seek opportunities for collaboration between guilds and the kingdom, identifying areas of mutual interest and facilitating partnerships, joint projects, and initiatives.
  3. Policy Development: Provide input and feedback on kingdom policies, regulations, and initiatives that impact guilds, ensuring that their perspectives are considered in decision-making processes.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting: Keep abreast of developments within guilds, including their activities, achievements, challenges, and needs, and provide quarterly reports to KMOAS.

Requesting the person in this position agree to a 3 year term of service.

Interested volunteers should email to discuss and submit letters of interest.

This posting will remain open until a candidate is selected.

Many thanks to you all for your continued support of the A&S community in Atlantia!

Sincerely yours,

Dame Sophia the Orange, Atlantia Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences